Send goods and groceries back home to Zimbabwe
With Our App, From Anywhere In The World

Brilliant Features

Here are several reasons why our App is worth paying attention to

  • Responsive design

    Easy to navigate design that makes finding your favorite Zimbabwean products and stores easy and intuitive.

  • Payment Options

    Either shop for your loved ones back home, or they can shop for what they need and you'll receive a single bill that you can pay with a single click.

  • Reciepts & Confirmation

    Imets generates a confirmation number that your recipient can take to the store. A receipt of purchase stays on your account for your records

  • Pure & Simple

    Easy to follow set up process. Add friends and family to your lists of payer and recipient

  • Shopping Lists

    Easily save your shopping lists, wish lists, and gift lists so you can reorder, and assign to recipients and payers.

  • Multiplatform

    We are constantly adding new retailers to Imets, to make it Zimbabwe's first shopping mall in your pocket.

Touch the Innovations

Imets is the first app of its kind serving the diaspora.
We are changing how local brands can reach out to those in the diaspora, offering a mall in your pocket and advancing the industry through innovation.

OUR Benefits

  • Convenience

    Shop faster and save on transfer fees and shipping costs.

  • Variety

    We offer a variety of Zimbabwean stores, all carrying your favorite and trusted local brands.

  • Low Cost

    Zimbabwean store pricing is cheaper than all other competitors, including all the competitors that create and ship their own products.

The Heart

So, what is the best way to send goods and groceries back home? You've tried everything already- send money home and have them wait in line to pick it up. Tried third party suppliers and shippers that charge an arm and a leg. Our app saves you from the hassle. We allow the recipient to go online, shop what they need from the stores they already shop, and then send the payer in the diaspora a shopping list. That's it- your recepient knows what they need, and the payer wants the cheapest and fastest way to send goods. Imets also allows the payer to shop on the app for a birthday or wedding, and simply hit send and recepient goes to the store to pick it up.

This is an important step to a festering problem, and Imets is always working to produce the very best product. Modern solutions, complex elements, unique approach to details make this app revolutionary and interesting. We are already working on the future to deliver direclty to the recipient's door, from multiple stores. More on that later...

How does it work?

How does our App simplify the problem a lot of us face?


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